Go to hell!  Literally!  The new Infernal Realm level, which is a community map that has become an official map, takes survivors to a whole new level of Zed killing surrounded by bones, hanging corpses, brimstone, and hellfire.  And the trader is totem made of bones. That can’t be a good sign.

Get ready to breach and clear with the new SWAT perk!  Armed with flashbang grenades and a variety of submachineguns, the SWAT perk is ready to keep the Zeds pinned down with a storm of lead.  SWAT perk skills allow you to either be an armor wearing juggernaut or a fast moving dealer of precision death, but in all cases the SWAT perk is in the thick of the action.


The SWAT perk’s weapons are fast firing submachineguns that can chew through Zeds like a woodchipper through…Zeds.  The SWAT perk's grenade is a flashbang grenade that does limited damage but has a high chance of stunning Zeds caught in its blast.

When fighting Zeds, the right protective outfit is vital to both your survival and looking stylish.  Some days you get lucky and lay your hands on a badass looking suit of Horzine Security Armor, and other days you’re forced to make a suit of armor out of cardboard. Both are stylish…in their own ways.


The elite variants of the Horzine Security Armor and the Horzine 9mm pistol skins are loyalty rewards that are earned by everyone who plays in early access, though other versions will be available at a later date as part of a cosmetic bundle in the game store.  The cardboard armor will be available for sale in a new cosmetic bundle in the game store.

Almost all the perks got tweaks to their skills or passive abilities in this update, but the Firebug, Support, and Medic got more in depth changes to make their skills more balanced.  The goal is to make every skill choice more interesting.  Zeds have also had their resistances revised, their movement and evasion tactics made more challenging, and their spawn groups adjusted, creating a much more intense experience on higher difficulty levels.  And watch out for Hans. Really.  He’s been at the gym or something.

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