For this update we’ve added two new USBs, the Elite Unit Medic and the Victorian, and one new crate, the Psycho Crate.

Now you can look like you shop at the same places as Hans or a certain Dr. Lecter.


We've also adjusted the drop rates for items so you'll get items more often, and are more likely to get items you want rather than another headband.


Available in cardboard used by a variety of Horzine subsidiary companies, the Cardboard Knight outfit is just perfect when you're hunting Zeds but want a real DIY flair to your appearance.  It even comes complete with a cardboard tube sword on your back!  The Cardboard Knight is available as a cosmetic bundle in the game store.


The items from the Psycho Crate will also be available in gold as precious items for those times when you have to go to a fancy dress event at a lunatic asylum.