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Ever wonder Hey, I’m a Commando who is awesome with assault rifles.  Why am I not awesome with the HMTech-401 Medic Assault Rifle? It’s an assault rifle, isn’t it?  It’s right there in the name!”  Well, now you are!  With the new Multiperk system, many weapons are considered perk weapons for more than one perk, allowing increased flexibility when it comes to choosing your armaments.


Use an Incendiary Trench Gun or VLAD-1000 Nail Gun as a Support, an M16 M203 as a Commando, or a HMTech-201 Submachinegun as a

SWAT, and receive all the

benefits of using a

perk weapon.

Perfect for those times you feel like going medieval on a Zed, the Bone Crusher lets you get your inner barbarian on with face-breaking shield bashes and skull-splitting mace strikes.  A tier 4 Berserker weapon, the Bone Crusher lets you cleave a path through hordes of Zeds with ease while making your parries even more effective at blocking damage.


Nothing like a hubcap, a baseball bat, and a boatload of desperate ingenuity to create the latest in close combat anti-Zed weaponry!

When the erupting volcano is the least of your worries, you know your tropical island vacation has gone awry.  Welcome to Zed Landing!  Thanks to a crashed Horzine cargo plane, this island has become infested with Zeds, all of whom want to eat you before the volcano cooks you.  Or after really, they’re not that picky; Zeds are into barbecue.


Along with the new map comes a selection of new achievements to prove you faced the volcano and lived to tell the tale.

Horzine has been known to save some Dosh by shipping its mercenaries aboard the cargo planes of its ZedEx subsidiary, but on this trip across the South Pacific there's more than cramped seating and a lack of in-flight entertainment making life difficult for Mr. Foster and Donovan Neal.


Click below to see why you never want to be travel buddies with Mr. Foster.

What’s better than one gigantic rusty blade bolted to a Zed’s forearm?  TWO gigantic rusty blades bolted to each of a Zed’s forearms!  The gorefiend is everything you love to hate about the gorefast, only more of it. And a tongue that is just wrong.  The gorefiend is ready to ruin your day in a whirl of spinning blades and pain.