Your samurai helmet, backpack, and Horzine security uniform outfit combo just not letting the world know the inner you?  Ever wanted to intimidate Zeds with the power of your dance?  Like throwing Dosh in the air like there‚Äôs no tomorrow?  Then our new emotes are for you!

Emotes are gained from Emote Crates, which are reward drops and are opened with a Key.  Emotes come in two types: Standard and Deluxe, with the Deluxe emotes having more sounds, more particle effects, and just generally looking cooler.  Deluxe Emotes have about the same drop rate as Mastercrafted items.

If having the latest and greatest Zed smashing weaponry is not enough for you, now you can get a whole new slew of skins to go with it!  Each Bone Crusher Crate or Bone Crusher USB rewards one of six skins for the Bone Crusher, including a USA option for those Super Soldiers out there who love smacking people with shields.

A new selection of crates and keys, along with related new weapon skins and cosmetic items, are available. Get your steampunk on, prepare for a deep strike into hostile territory, or dress the part of the reaper of carnage that you are.  Plus an assortment of gold plated precious items, since gold never goes out of style.