Step right up ladies and gentlemen! See the wonder of the age, the airship H.M.S. Queen Victoria! I, Ringmaster Lockheart —captain, owner, genius— welcome you to my home away from home! But it seems you’re not the only ones that have found their way on board, and those other blokes did not buy tickets! The steampunk circus has come to the skies lads; time to show them what a real barney is.


Feeling you’ve reached the highest highs, that there are no more worlds to conquer? Bollocks! Not anymore! Introducing the Prestige system, where you can unlock unique icons, weapon skins, and Vault Dosh rewards by resetting your level! You’ll also get an experience point bonus to speed you along on your quest for greatness!


Not only will you be improving yourself, but now your weapons can improve too! Enjoy that HX25 Grenade Pistol more than is healthy? Want to show the Patriarch your shiny Crovel, but afraid he won’t respect it? Now you can spend Dosh to upgrade these weapons to keep them competitive throughout the match.



I wouldn’t expect you to clean those ne’er-do-wells from my ship without some suitable tools of violence. First up, the Static Strikers for when you feel like engaging in fisticuffs… but I do think they break the Marquess of Queensberry Rules.  Then we’ve got the Doomstick; like a Boomstick, only twice as much!  Horzine added the M99 AMR Sniper Rifle to the menu. I didn’t build it, so beware! Lastly we’ve got a new knife for the Survivalist, the Gore Shiv… that just looks unhygienic!


My wonderful airship was commissioned with an army of clockwork automatons to defend it, but now they’ve gone starkers and have joined with the angry clowns assaulting my ship! CRETINOUS TRAITORS! They come in three versions: Blasters that blast you, Bombers that blow you up, and Trappers that...well, trap you.  A little on the nose, I’ll grant.  And don’t think taking their head off will stop them.


I hear that Horzine stole some of my work and is putting their own automatons in the field, only with computers and such instead of good old reliable gears and steam. Once we get to safety I am suing them for copyright infringement!  Be careful, you never know where those murderous robots will pop up.

Oh my beauty, my wonder, my flying angel, the Queen Victoria! Now that we’ve escaped Steamland, we need to get to my island in the Channel, but these rubes in the carnival getup are trying to stop us!  I’ll need you to complete some objectives for me, like Weld and Repair or Operate and Control, if we’re going to make it there without going for a swim.


My airship can’t reach it, but Horzine has a new space station, which was overrun by Zeds in record time!  Word is Horzine is looking for some brave souls to take it back; good luck with that! You’d think they’d stop building these remote science facilities, they just seem like Zed magnets.

Make sure you stock up on the latest in fashion from a century ago that never happened! You can unlock special steampunk outfits by completing the achievements in the Airship map, but only for a limited time!

A plethora of other steampunk cosmetics are available, also for a limited time! Dynamite, fuel tanks, clock backpacks; just the things a gentleman or lady inventor would wear to show they keep up with the latest in bygone technological trends.