If you’ve been lusting after some of those very rare items, while wondering what to do with a growing collection of common items, here’s another answer: instead of trading, use them to craft better items for fun and profit! Here’s how it works:


Common, Uncommon, Rare and Exceptional items can now be broken down into crafting materials that match the item’s rarity. Combining 10 sets of material of the same rarity will create a random new item, one rarity level higher. So, break down 10 Common items and combine them to get a random, new Uncommon item for your collection.

Over 70 new items from the Steam community workshop, created by members of the community, are being added in to the system through 4 new Horzine Supply Crates and 5 new Horzine Encrypted USBs. That is a load more items to collect and trade, or… to use in the new Crafting system.