Two new maps are added with the Infinite Onslaught update, each with their own achievements and collectible items. The DieSector map is used for the new Endless Mode and is a Horzine testing facility co-opted by the Patriarch to run his own tests on the mercs. He’s added all manner of traps, from flamethrowers to shock prods, to make it extra exciting. Its achievements require reaching wave twenty-five for each difficulty in Endless Mode.

It seems the Patriarch has been browsing some of our community’s forums and saw how much our fans wanted an Endless Mode for Killing Floor 2 because he went and built one.  We decided to roll with it rather than argue with the large tentacle monster with a chain gun and have built the next update around the Patriarch’s… helpful efforts.  Welcome to Infinite Onslaught, where the killing never stops!

Back from the recycling yard, Horzine has returned an experimental D.A.R. unit to the field to measure its potential as next year’s hot military hardware.  You can unlock D.A.R. and his various skins by beating waves 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 in Endless Mode.  Horzine not responsible for any D.A.R. units having homicidal tendencies towards humans.

This update’s new weapons bring you fire, lots of bullets, and lots of bullets on fire!  The Husk Cannon, AF2011-A1 Pistol, and MAC 10 SMG have all been added to the Horzine armory.

Did the elite clot get cold? Find a deal on scrap metal? Just want to update his look? Whatever the cause, the elite clot has now been upgraded to the rioter, complete with armor plating that must be destroyed before the rioter can be injured in those areas.  But underneath that rusted metal coat, he’s the same rallying alpha clot we all know and love.

In the new Endless Mode, you can play the DieSector map to face wave after wave of Zeds, each harder than the last, until you finally are beaten into a fine, red mist.  You will earn better rewards the longer you last, but you will never earn the Patriarch’s respect, which he will inform you of regularly as he has taken over the trading pods in DieSector. Yes, that’s right, the Patriarch will mock your progress, critique your spending habits, and generally remind you how terrible you are throughout the match.

Powercore is a Holdout map within an abandoned Horzine manufacturing facility. Does Horzine abandoning anything ever go well?


But it’s not just new maps getting the love; we’ve taken the Stand Your Ground objective from the Krampus Lair map and now added it as an option to all existing official maps! Defend territory with your friends! Earn Extra Dosh, Vault Dosh, and XP! Die horribly when you realize too late your body is not a good way to block Zeds!

We’ve added new Vault items, as well as Cyberpunk and sci-fi items and skins that are exclusive to this event that can be gained through prize tickets.


See the Zed-Conomy page for more information chummer!

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