Drops frequently during gameplay. 5 prize tickets can be exchanged for

a rare or better Halloween item.

*may not be exchanged

for precious items.

Sometimes a merc needs a suit that inspires terror in his or her enemies.  A suit that shows the merc means business. A suit that makes it clear the merc is here to shoot Zeds and chew bubblegum, and they are all out of bubblegum.

And for other days, there’s the Commando Chicken Uniform. The Commando Chicken Uniform bundle includes both chicken suits and chicken head helmets and is available in the Trading Floor.

On one hand, we have the new Slaughterhouse crate, for when you’re feeling bloody minded or that you just don’t have enough Tetanus in your life.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Neon Crate and USB stick, for when you’re feeling all clean and cyberpunky. Or just very 80s.

Has an exceedingly rare chance of dropping during game play.

1 golden ticket can be exchanged for a random PRECIOUS Halloween item.

Can be purchased in game. 1 premium ticket can be exchanged for

a rare or better Halloween item. May contain an exceedingly rare PRECIOUS item.

Just not feeling the Fireball emote anymore? The Mating Ritual not bringing them in like it used to?  Lucky for you we’ve got a whole new wave of Emotes and Deluxe Emotes.  Now you can get down with your bad self all over again.