To ZEDcomic

Welcome to the Summer Sideshow, held this year at

the Tragic Kingdom Abusement Park! The safety and health inspectors tried to shut us down, but after Pukey the Clown got done with them they’re no longer able to register a complaint!

What would the Tragic Kingdom be without its cast and crewmembers, all here to make sure you have a bloody good time? Marvel at the might of the Strong Pound, or laugh at the antics of the adorable Pinhead! We’ve got clowns, sirens of the south seas, clowns, pyrotechnics, and more clowns! Now with vomiting clowns!


Fresh out of Horzine R&D, test out Horzine’s latest in experimental weaponry at our carnival of carnage! Try the SPX 464 Centerfire Rifle! Similar to the Winchester, it has a better scope, does more damage…okay, it’s just better. Or squeeze off a few rounds with the HZ12 Multi-Action Shotgun, the latest in high capacity shotguns for when you need a hail of shot on a budget.


Introducing our Weekly Outbreaks, modified game modes that alter the rules of Killing Floor 2 to create a unique game experience.  A new one will be available each week, selected from a pool of weekly outbreaks.


Outbreaks are meant to give experienced players new challenges and are intended for level 15+ perks.












This week we unleash the Boom Weekly Outbreak, where dying Zeds go out with a bang!

Experience the thrills and chills of the Tragic Kingdom Map, centerpiece of our Summer Sideshow Seasonal Event! Test your luck and skill at games like Dunk the Bloat and Pop the Clot! Scream on the terrifying Queen of Chains or experience the hurtling terror of Pound Mountain!

You can earn prize tickets* as free item drops or you can purchase them on the Trading Floor!  Prize tickets can be exchanged for new items unique to the Summer Sideshow, such as clown make up and circus hats and masks. Complete all the objectives in the Tragic Kingdom Map to earn the Sideshow Hazmat Suit… which is just about the only way to remain clean and Tetanus free in this place.


* Prize Tickets are only available during the Summer Sideshow Event.