Ever worry about saving for your merc’s retirement?  Feeling your Horzine 401K is just not cutting it?  Fear no longer with the new Dosh Vault!  Now achieving Daily Objectives and completing Weekly Outbreaks will earn you Dosh for your Dosh vault, which can then be used to unlock unique cosmetic items.  Plus, you can look at your vault and just marvel at the fat stacks of cash.

NOTE: You cannot swim in the Dosh vault.

Welcome to the Halloween Horrors content pack! We thought vast armies of Zeds, wall to wall gore, and ubiquitous dismemberment were not horrific enough, so for this month we are ramping up everything terrifying. Horzine has helped us with this by getting their new neural link simulator up and running, allowing us to see directly into the mind of a monster.

Boozo the clown had it tough in life; nothing seemed to go his way. Family. Career. Murder spree.  He was finally stopped from racking up more kills, but the fates of his various victims are unknown.  Using the latest Horzine tech, enter the subconscious of Boozo and fight your way through his nightmares.  Hopefully his madness won’t rub off on you.

A classic back for another round, the seeker six is a multi-shot guided missile launcher. The seeker six can lock on to multiple targets to deliver a swarm of missiles to the selected targets. Like angry, laser-guided bees. That explode.

New from Horzine’s HM-Tech division, the hemogoblin is for those times when you feel a Zed really needs to have all of its blood pumped out of its body while it’s way over there.  People do feel that way sometimes, right?

What Halloween event would be complete without costumes, face paint, and pumpkin helmets?  You can earn prize tickets as free items or you can purchase them on the Trading Floor!  Prize tickets can be exchanged for new items unique to the Halloween Horror, including weapon skins!

Back by popular demand in an unlimited engagement, it’s the Murder Machine with Lasers, the Beast with Too Many Razors, it’s the KING FLESHPOUND!  Now a permanent part of the boss round rotation, the King Fleshpound is waiting to murder you with unintelligible glee and big, bulky arm bands.  And spikes.  Lots of spikes.

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